Tweety (high end fashion)

what: created logos and art, color palettes and style guide, and designed shopping bags for Kitson and Scoop NYC, and License! magazine cover and interior art.

Warner Bros. asked me to create a fun and high-end licensing program for Tweety bird to be sold through Kitson and Scoop NYC retail stores. Understanding the different retail tiers and what is expected from shoppers of these stores, I created new, exclusive art and re-drew Tweety. In addition to a licensing style guide used by high end jewelers and clothing lines, exclusive shopping bags, each for Kitson and Scoop NYC were developed.


The new Tweety brand was featured on the cover of License! magazine and we were also asked to create a cover using the art work. A very fun project, included new Tweety illustrations and logotypes and writing fun, fashionista-like taglines.