Whiskey Joe’s Restaurant


I got a panicked phone call one morning from the CEO of Specialty Food Group. One of their bigger restaurants in Tampa had some bad PR the night before, and damage control was needed. I was asked if I could  create a new logo, brand, menu and collateral for a new restaurant in 5 weeks!


One of the more fun recent projects, Whiskey Joe’s turned into a theme-based restaurant. We wrote a script with the back story of who Whiskey Joe was/is and how his restaurant happened to be in Tampa, Florida. A huge part of the reasons for creating a story and character for this new restaurant was to help the staff and managers get involved in the fake “lore” of this character. A back-story made it easier for menus to be written, colors and interiors to be designed and a cohesive look and feel be created in a small amount of time.


Writing brand or character scripts are a great idea for any brand or product. It makes brand extension and consistency smoother. Creates a story that others can understand and build upon. Ultimately, this makes it easier to create consumer recognition and loyalty.